Rimini Airport Ryanair

With great pride and joy we officially communicate that from April 2019 Ryanar is going to boost up the number of flights and destination on Rimini Airport!

We already had many direct flights to Rimini from London international Stansted airport, but now many more incoming airport are connected and there will be many more flights to Federico Fellini international airport.

Hotel Impero is very close to Federico Fellini International Airport and it is possible to get to the hotel in 5 minutes by car or taxi, and in only 15 minutes by walking!

To celebrate these new flights to Rimini airport we at hotel Impero will offer a typical Italian wine bottle totally Free to anyone who book a vacation on our hotel from our website and is travelling with Ryanair. To get the gift all you have to do is to write RYANAIR – number of your flight (example: Ryanair – 105026) in the textarea “additional information” when you book the room!

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